CDJ Features

Database Maintenance

  • Automatically identifies discs in the changer using the CDDB database - you don't have to type in anything!
  • Maintains a local version of the CDDB database which contains your CD's and preferences with an Explorer - like view. You can edit the text just by clicking. You can jump to any disc just by typing a few letters of its name.
  • Automatically identifies new CD's that are present in the changer and recognizes when CD's have been removed.
  • Rate and define your music using keywords and sliders. You can also select disc and tracks which should never be played.
  • Powerful boolean expression based search queries based on any fields in the database
  • Can download CD Text, disc memo, groups, group names, and delete banks from the player
  • Can upload disc memos to the player (depending on the model). Can automatically generate memo text from CDDB entries. CDJ is able to upload disc title, artist, and track information to the CX270 and CX90ES models.
  • JPEG and BMP album cover images can be associated with each disc or track via drag and drop from other software (e.g. a thumbnail viewer or explorer)

Playlist Construction

  • Generate random playlists based on your preferences. You can use subjective ratings scales and / or keyword searches
  • A visual interface allows you to drag and drop tracks and complete CD's into your playlist.
  • Playlists can be loaded via explorer drag and drop
  • Computes total playing time for making tapes
  • Can optimize the alternation between players to allow nonstop music
  • Can loop playlists or allow you to preview the first 15 seconds of each song.


  • Supports multiple changers (up to 96! - that's 19,200 CDs!) and multiple S-Link buses and allows for nonstop music by alternating between the changers and pre-queuing tracks
  • The title bar in the main window always shows you what's playing and what the current playback position is
  • Automatically keeps track of the status of each player, showing you up to the second info about what disc it's playing, whether it's paused, or if the player is moving to another disc
  • Adjustable cross fading control feature allows you to smoothly blend from one song to another just like a DJ would.
  • Built in support of MP3 file playback.


  • CDJ allows you to automatically execute any S-Link or IR commands you specify when CDJ starts, stops, changes players, etc. You can also use this to control the volume of your stereo right from CDJ! This feature can be used to circumvent the need for a mixer to combine the audio from multiple players. You can instead have CDJ just switch inputs on your receiver when a different player starts playing.
  • CDJ can be controlled by another program or even any spare IR remote control you might have. You can make CDJ automatically do anything with just the touch of a button!
  • CDJ now supports 2-way  X-10 via the CM11a controller device, allowing CDJ to be both controlled by and to control X-10  devices.

For S-Link Developers

  • Automatically identifies S-Link interfaces and devices at startup
  • Shows the current status of each player
  • Shows all S-Link communications traffic in a window and allows you to send commands manually. Great for learning how S-Link works!