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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Will this cx850-based system work?

Posted By: larrydj <larry_desjardin@a...>
Date: 10/2/00 12:03pm

Hello, I'm in the process of designing a system for my home use. I'm about to get a slink-e, CDJ, and probably 2 mega-changers to solve the queing problems for playlists. I also have a Pronto, that I will probably integrate in as well. Anyway, ideally, I would like to have one megachanger be a DVD changer to store my library (25 disks at the moment), and half my CDs, and the other changer be a CD-only megachanger that stores my other half. So, for playlists, they act as two CD changers, but I can also, through the Pronto, ask for any DVD or CD. Anyway, I saw that CDJ says it does not work with cx850. However, I've seen other posts that are using it. I think the issue is that I can't read what is in the cx850 to configure CDDB/CDJ. Is this correct? Are there workarounds? Does anyone have any alternative suggestions for system combinations that may meet my objectives? Also, any good practices for Pronto interactions with CDJ? Thanks!, Larry

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