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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

power surges and slink-e/cd-changer

Posted By: Kevin Beach <kjbeach@e...>
Date: 10/5/00 12:14pm

Is it possible that a power surge to my computer sent a spike to the Slink-e which sent a spike to the CD changer, killing all three?

My brand new laptop died last night after I lost power during a storm. It was hooked up to my Slink-e at the time, and ever since then I can not seem to get power to either my slink-e or my cd changer (or my laptop). My slink-e and cd-changer were hooked up to the same powerstrip/surge protector, but everthing else on that strip works fine. The only thing I can think of is that a spike went across the serial cable and then through the s-link wire.

Has anyone had any problems with power surges and these devices? If so anyone know what the likelyhood is that I could crack open the case and fix the problem? Or is it completely fried?

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