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Re: New CDJ version

Posted By: Mike Macgirvin <max@n...>
Date: 10/6/00 11:42am

In Response To: Re: New CDJ version (Andy Monks)

Yes, it was checked and I rechecked it again (a few times now) and said "OK". I think I just missed something conceptually. I thought that what this was supposed to do was load your last playing playlist on startup and resume where it left off.

I've tried closing the program in various ways (the x in the corner and also from the file menu), but when double-clicking on cdj it loads the library but no playlists. I've tried with different permutations of stopping the current song, pausing the current song and letting it play (that one caused trouble) before shutdown. Still no playlist loaded on startup. I've made sure that more than one song played to completion just in case the info was only collected after or between songs.

My current thinking is that a) I got something wrong in concept, b) it only works if you download the full version and not the update file, or c) I may have to check my windows properties to make sure it isn't invoking the program with arguments that might trip it up - it shouldn't be, I just set up a screen icon as a shortcut to the CDJ binary. Perhaps d) I'm running on com port, not slinkeserv.

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