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Re: CDJID and mp3 albums

Posted By: Rich Boykin <boykster@j...>
Date: 3/2/03 5:12am

In Response To: Re: CDJID and mp3 albums (Jim Bercik)

Well, I've had some correspondence with Brooks Talley about this, and I've got some preliminary code (from him and some of mine) that I'm working with. I still don't have the cdjid issue down pat yet, but I've got some good ideas about it. I'll let you know what I come up with, and submit the app when it's ready for prime time.

Here's my basic plan....

Iterate through a root "MP3 albums" directory, with each album in a separate directory (artist_title), with the mp3 files (##_songTitle.mp3). The program will walk the structure, and check to see if an album of type 1001 (mp3) exists with the same artist/album combination, if so - skip, if not - make an album entry. Brooks suggested randomly generating a hex value with the proper format and checking to see if it exists already for the cdjid - I'm going to experiment with that. Then loop through the directory adding the mp3 files as tracks in the album. I could easily have the album cover added as well.

The auto search feature you suggest would be possible, but would be a little harder to implement. A full re-scan of the mp3 directory structure would have to be done each time cdj was run to verify the location of the mp3s....this would be tedious and time consuming....

The two issues I'm wrestling with.... 1) the cdjid generation - I think with Brooks' suggestion, this should be taken care of... 2) the album time/length, track time/length. It is possible to add albums/tracks without time information and they play fine, but it looks wierd to be listening to track #2, -1/-1. If anyone knows how Colby finds the track length when an mp3 file is added through cdj that would be great! Colby?

Anyway, I should have a working alpha sometime this week or next....the meat of the program is really straight forward..



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