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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Audio patch thru CDJ ?

Posted By: Sinan Karasu <allahsiz@h...>
Date: 10/10/00 2:11pm

I have a DXS , 3 CD changers and a rack mount to control it all (Intel CA810AEL motherboard.) I just added a Midiman DIO 2448 Audio card to it, so that I can patch one DXS output to SPDIF in of the Soundcard.

So now the DIO 2448 input is read by the RealProducer, piped to RealServer and broadcast aroun the house. I also feed the Analog Out of DIO 2448 to a modulator, whic mixes it with the "Screen" of the computer and broadcasts it thru the house on a TV channel. Also the SPDIF out of the card goes to the receiver.

OK, now the problem. I never used the setup for MP3 before. I just got the urge to try it.

Now, I can put the DIO 2448 card in one of 2 modes.

1) Echo SPDIF in to SPDIF out. 2) Control the SPDIF out from the computer.

In case 1), no CD stream is channeled to the SPDIF out, whereas MP3 will be played ( haven't tried this yet, but am sure it'll work). In case 2) CD stream will be sent out ( feedthru), but no MP3....

So it basically comes to 1) either have CDJ control the card options to switch from one mode to another, or have CDJ echo SPDIF input to SPDIF out, and play MP3 otherwise.

Any ideas????


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