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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

boosting cdj

Posted By: Horst Fred Mueller <horstfredmueller@s...>
Date: 10/13/00 6:00pm

Hi Colby!

Your CDJ is able to memorize each track that was ever played. So it can build as part of itīs data a list of the most loved tracks. With this information the software could generate mp3 automatically. Yes, I know the discussion about grabbing audio via most faster CD-Roms inside the computer, but I think that it is not very funny to pick each cd from the automation to put it into the computerīs drive by hand. My suggestion is not to grab all the available disks at once ( what would take weeks depending to the amount of disks) but to save each track from the playlist as a wave file while hearing it. The cd-changer with itīs built-in error-correction is surely the better way than doing any jitter-correction in a grab-utility. So by using a task in the background the file could be converted to mp3 afterwards. For this it is necessary to connect the CD-changer to the digital input of the computers soundcard. Or, in my case: 3 changers adapted to a dxs and the dxs routed to the computer. The result would be a slowly growing amount of mp3 files containing the tracks the user likes most.

The next step could be a graphical view to the database: a window, where the disks are displayed as bars on the x-axis. The length of each bar representing the time, divided in tracks. The colour of the tracks: red if the track was never played and green if played once. The saturation of green could vary depending how often the title has been played. So there could be a GUI which gives an overview how the library is used. Perhaps a pop-up-info can be programmed, which shows album-name and track-data while running the mouse-cursor over the display. By the way, the user would be able to select titles just by surfing over the map of the library and clicking the mouse can transfer it to the playlist or right-clicking starts the music immediately.

If the computer is running 24 hours a day and 176 hours a week and is not needed by the user all the time, why should he not compile the library first in order of titles that have been played and when this is done, start to convert the rest of music step by step ? A faster system should be able to do both: sampling the input of the soundcard to a wav-file and converting it to mp3. In case of a slower computer the jobs may be cued to be done daisy-chained. It would not bother me, if the system would need weeks for this job. What counts is the result: All tracks on a disk of 60 GB in a structure of directories representing albums sorted by interprets. Then it would be easy to use the music in a disk-based car-radio or transferring it to a mp3 mobile player by drag-and-drop the files like usually.

Perhaps these ideas may inspire you and we all know this is a lot of work of programming the software, and I have to maintain, cdj is a excellent application, which I enjoy every day. But could it be a bit better with the items above?

Best regards

Horst Fred Mueller, Germany

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