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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Two Changers/Master Slave Issues

Posted By: Chris Saari <csaari@m...>
Date: 10/17/00 2:14pm

I have two CDP 555ES changers connected in a master slave relatonship. I would like to use CDJ and slink-e to control them, but still retain the option of using the CDP remote (and thus using the master/slave functionality) when CDJ is not in use. I have read the posts on this BBS I could find on this issue, and understand that one option is building the relay device described on this site. I assume this works, but have seen no posts about how well it operates in practice. Does anyone have experience with it? Additionally, since I have minimal technical competence and limited eyesight, does anyone have a suggestion about how I might get one of these relays built (or even a suggestion for a ready-made device?).

I have also seen a couple of posts that seems to suggest that changers such as the 555's that have megacontrol might be able to get around the need for such a relay (by switching megacontol off when CDJ is in operation?). Does anyone have any information on this? Or any suggestion about the best way to link two players I have, but still be able to use CDJ as an alternative control?

What a great BBS and resource! I wish I were more technically competent.

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