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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Questions about Slink-e from a potential buyer....

Posted By: Iam Kessler <iam@k...>
Date: 10/25/00 2:41am

I am a very interested prospective buyer with some questions.

On your web site I read: "Can upload disc memos to the player (depending on the model). Can automatically generate memo text from CDDB entries. CDJ is able to upload disc title, artist, and track information to the CX270 and CX90ES models" Does this mean that only these two models have this ability? I would rather purchase a 400 disk changer. Can I upload all info into the CX-400 so I dont have to type it in? What exactly can the CX270 do that the CX-400 can't?

My computer is very far from my stereo so I will just use the Slink-e to upload cddb data, not control the changer. Is there a cheaper way? How long could a serial cable or s-link cable be?

How does this unit compare to the DiskJockey/S-Converter for my purposes? (Besides infrared remote) http://tim-trolinger.dynip.com/discjockey/default.HTM

Thank you,


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