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Re: MP3 Files????

Posted By: Rich Boykin <rboykin@p...>
Date: 10/27/00 10:33am

In Response To: MP3 Files???? (Mike Ricard)

Say you have a 200 cd changer, and 199 cd's. You have a couple of options...

1) buy a new changer - not all of us have the space/funds for an additional/upgrade changer.

2) remove some existing cd's to make room for new - this forces you to make decisions about what you will listen to in the future, right now....not as flexible later

3) create mp3 albums and remove cd's from changer - this allows you to still have immediate access to your cd's (as mp3's) using cdj, but clears out room in your changer for new cd's.

with the price of hard drives today (I just bought a 30 gig drive for just over $100) mp3s are a fairly cost effective way of storing music. Also, if you ever are in need of an additional copy of that cd - you can quickly and easily burn a copy from the mp3 files (assuming you have a cd burner and own a copy of the original cd).



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