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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: VB, Slinkx, and subclassing a form

Posted By: Rich Boykin <rboykin@p...>
Date: 10/27/00 2:21pm

In Response To: Re: VB, Slinkx, and subclassing a form (Colby Boles)

Thanks for the response Colby,

When the numdevices returned 269, I tried looping through the devices collection and retrieving the device name using slinkx.getdevicename(i) where i is the current device # as I loop through....all of the names were "" or NULL (not sure which, didn't check).

I've decided not to pursue it much more....I am using the system tray icon really mostly as an indicator that the program is running (going to have the icon change/blink when there is activity - like the DUN icon in win98), and a way to exit (using the menu), so it's really not a big deal. I can handle having to restart the program when I change the mappings....no biggie.

I've written the sub to call to change the icon on activity, but haven't called it yet (ran out of time) so I don't know if it will mess up the slinkx devices yet or not (it sets a property on the subclassed form).

Either way, when I finish the proggie up, I'll upload it to the user's area or provide a link if anyone's interested (with source code)....(someone's probably already written something like this before I'm sure)



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