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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: How does the MP3 data get to my pre-amp

Posted By: Don Haberek <dhaberek@m...>
Date: 10/28/00 3:00am

In Response To: How does the MP3 data get to my pre-amp (Justin Foster)

Yes, you have to connect your preamp to your soundcard. And no, CDJ does not have to use IR to switch between CDs and mp3s. Your player (or players) should already be connected to the auxiliary jacks on the back of your preamp.

The cheapest and easiest way to do all this is to purchase two patch cords from Radio Shack that have two RCA plugs on one end and an 1/8" stereo phono plug on the other. You plug the RCA plugs into the TAPE inputs and outputs on your preamp, then the 1/8" phono plugs into the outputs and inputs on your computer. I have an NVIDIA sound card so the input jack on the back of my computer is colored blue. First make sure that your disc player plays over your computer. Go to your mixer (my computer/control panel/audio HQ, then select mixer) and you will have to play with the line-in control to make sure that both the mp3s and sound coming from your disc players are at the same volume. Then you have to make sure that your computer plays over your stereo. The output jack on my computer is colored black. To listen to the computer over your stereo, select tape on your preamp. Then go to your speaker control (my computer/control panel/audio HQ, then select speaker) and select FOUR speakers, if you don't then that jack maybe dead. The front two (your computer speakers) are digital, while the back two (your speakers connected to your preamp) are analog, so your preamp CAN handle this output. After this, CDJ will take care of all the switching between your mp3s and discs in your players.


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