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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Remote MP3 Control

Posted By: shaun <shaun_armbrust@h...>
Date: 10/28/00 11:08am


So I have perfect control of CDJ and my changer via my pronto. (fully indexed album / track list). Now the next step is to be able to select individual MP3's from the remote(pronto).

I could see how I could create a device file, with a map for each mp3, but I would need 100's of IR codes (one for each file). Is there anyway to automatically generate (or does anyone have) a device file and the pronto equivalent with 100's of IR codes?

Alternately, I beleive I could get a way with a few codes, and use something like HASE (http://www.technovelocity.com/hase/), to take multiple codes and use them together to select a song. i.e. [1][5] will play the file associated with 15.

Anybody doing anything like this? Or acheiving the same result through a different method?

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