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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: Sony 2-way remote

Posted By: Jon Welfringer <Jon@W...>
Date: 10/29/00 2:41pm

In Response To: Re: Sony 2-way remote (Colby Boles)

You don't need to be concerned with the carrier frequency of the remotes. I did a proof-of-concept test program a year or so ago that emulated a text capable cd player. I have the Sony STRDA50ES receiver with the two-way remote and I wanted to load the text to it even though my CDPCX205 and 225 players didn't support text.

By getting a couple of Slink-e logs from people that had the text capable players, I was able to make my application emulate the responses of the CD players. When the amp would query the cd players for model, mode, disks, tracks, text, etc. my program would supply the needed results. I had to disconnect my players from the Slink-e bus while uploading or the amp would get totally confused. Once uploading was complete, I would quit the program and reconnect the real players to the bus. The amp was the only device that had to handle the carrier frequencies of the remote - everything else was just CTRL-A1 protocol via the Slink-e.

As I said, this was a proof of concept app. It had artists and titles hardcoded in. It in no way was setup to iterate the database and download everything. I abandoned the project after seeing the VERY short descriptions on the remote were near worthless and the fact that the two way remote with the 50ES was worthless itself.

But YES, it can be done.

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