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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: Tricking a CD Player

Posted By: Don Haberek <dhaberek@m...>
Date: 11/1/00 8:34pm

In Response To: Tricking a CD Player (Justin Foster)

You can't just add Y-jacks, this will change the impedence. At best you will only loose a little volume and some frequency response. At worst (with some high quality, high powered direct coupled BIG $$$ systems) a preamp without capacitive couplers could have problems keeping the AC signal centered around zero, and that slight change is amplified and sent to your power amp. This eventually could fry your power amp and/or speakers, I just have to say thank god for warranties. You need to use some type of mixer. Colby has a schematic for one on the site if you feel like building one, you loose a little volume but it will save your stereo and it doesn't cost as much. The better way to go is to purchase a mixer that is powered so you won't loose volume or quality and you can adjust levels.

The best way to go, although the most expensive, and do everything you could imagine, is to purchase the DSX from Nirvis. Chech it out, it's pretty cool. This is the way a lot of people on this BBS are doing it, and they swear by it. Ask some questions and get some feed back about it, you may just buy one.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and want a challenge, another choice is to hook your computer up to your AUX input on your preamp and write a map file to switch the inputs to CD or AUX whenever you play a disc or mp3. This will mean that you will have to create an IR device file for your preamp. But here you loose the fading feature of CDJ, and some people have problems with the timing (loosing the 1st sec. or two of a song waiting for it to switch). If you want to try this, I'm sure some peolple have already done this and would be willing to help you get started.

If you really want it CHEAP and SIMPLE: Have the signal come out of your CD player then through your computer and into your CD input on your preamp. You loose the ability to play your CD player without your computer, because that's where your mixer is, but at least you won't have to go downstairs.

As far as tricking the CD player, that's a question for Colby. Since Sony doesn't provide info on how to do anything, don't get your hopes up.


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