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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Missing input select command (sony 940)

Posted By: Greg Moeller <gkm@g...>
Date: 11/3/00 2:28am

I've got the latest CDJ (10/31) and with my new soundblaster hooked to the digital coax of the sony receiver, I thought I'd try to get CDj to hop back and forth between the CD player and MP3s. Here's the lines of the map.txt file relating to the playlist: cdjr:using_player[cd1] { amp:input[030300] } cdjr:using_player[mp3] { amp:input[151500] } Now, it switches to the CD player's input perfectly, but when going to the MP3 input (which happens to be the LD), it almost always loses the command. (it once got it) Here's what's in the slink log: cdslr001:time[07010019] cdslr001:time[07010020] cdjr:using_player[mp3] cdsls001:pause_dt[A805] cdsls001:pause_dt[A805] cdslr001:pause cdslr001:goto_disc[A8] amp:input[151500] cdslr001:unloading cdsls001:mode cdslr001:mode[024000A805] cdsls001:mode cdslr001:mode[024000A805]

Ok, for a test, I changed the command string for the mp3 player to do a mute_off to the amp before the input change. That made it better, but still missed some. Now I have two mute_off's and it works just fine now.

Seems there's a race condition happening on the Slink bus.

This is such a cool toy, when I turn the play list off(or end CDj), it turns the input back to the TV(well, TiVo) Thanks everyone for one of the best gadgets I have. :)


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