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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: TIVO feedback?

Posted By: Ted Smith <tedsmith@a...>
Date: 11/3/00 10:58am

In Response To: TIVO feedback? (Phill Stanton)


We've had Tivo for about 10 months. We don't watch any TV in the living room except that which Tivo has recorded for us.

There are 4 recording quality modes, Best, High, Medium and Low. Our unit has 10 hours of space at Best, 20 hours at medium and 30 hours @ low. I'm the only one who notices the difference between Best and Medium for most matierial so we have the default recording level set at medium for most recordings.

On any level but best, animation takes a while to "settle down" after a quick sceen change. (So we record "The Simpsons" on Best :)

Also tennis is imposible to watch on Low or Medium since the ball moves too fast, also there are horible artifacts around the court boundary lines when the camera pans at the lower levels of recording quality.

At first we watched much more TV with the Tivo, but as time has gone on we find that we watch what we want and not near so much crap just because it's on. (Also don't forget that (at least here in the US) there is only 42 minits of non-commercial material / hour, so you definitly save time.)

Two other items:

The speculative recordings that Tivo does are very accurate for us. For example, it has discovered that we like Peter Falk, Blair Brown, Ellen Berstain, Science, Classic movies, etc.. Also instead of setting up a standard recording for, say, Mash. We just mark it as an interesting program and Tivo finds about 6 episodes / day on random channels but doesn't record them if something more interesting is on.

We impress friends by using the triple fast forward to watch an entire hour program in one minuit and the answer question afterwards :) (We don't tell them that we saw that eppisode just a few months ago.)


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