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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Slink Server crashes with CDJ and HomeSeer

Posted By: David Stein <DSteiNeuro@a...>
Date: 11/11/00 11:58am

Is anyone using CDJ along with HomeSeer and the SlinkServ. It is a very cool feature. I can have HomeSeer start CDJ and ask what knod of music I want to hear. HomeSeer will then issue commands to CDJ to start a Playlist or kw search.

The problem is that when I use HS and CDJ at the same time, I get frequent crashes of the Slink-e server. When running alone CDJ (latest 10-31 version) is stable. The crash usually occurs when I give a HomeSeer voice command to issue a ir response via Slink-e server. Is seems that the Slink Serv is getting overloaded with commands (CDJ and the HomeSeer interface) at the same time.

HS will also crash from time to time if CDJ is running. HS 1.4.27 HS is otherwise stable.

Anyone else habe similar problems or is CDJ stable while runnig HS?

Here is one of the crashes but I think that there are others:

SLINKESERV caused an invalid page fault in module MFC42.DLL at 0167:5f4040e8. Registers: EAX=006a2810 CS=0167 EIP=5f4040e8 EFLGS=00010287 EBX=0079581c SS=016f ESP=0099fd68 EBP=007931f8 ECX=00000231 DS=016f ESI=0079664c FS=3917 EDX=00000018 ES=016f EDI=007931f8 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 83 79 f4 00 7d 0f 83 c1 f4 3b 0d 5c 1b 4d 5f 0f Stack dump: 00000020 00793130 00415547 007931f8 0068da68 00000004 00000001 00000007 006c0d14 006c0e04 00000001 00000011 01000200 0079665c 00000018 00795804

here is a HomeSeer VB script to issue commands to CDJ

sub main() set SlinkX = CreateObject("Slinkx.SlinkxCtrl.1") SlinkX.Connect SlinkX.AddDeviceText "cdj", "type=devtx", 1, 1, 0 SlinkX.Send "cdj", "playlist_stop" SlinkX.Send "cdj", "search_mode[track]" SlinkX.Send "cdj", "search[kw=jazz]" SlinkX.Send "cdj", "playlist_clear" SlinkX.Send "cdj", "playlist_mode[random]" SlinkX.Send "cdj", "playlist_play" SlinkX.DeleteDevice "cdj" SlinkX.Disconnect End sub

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