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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

active playlist over a network

Posted By: Gene Doh <doh@d...>
Date: 11/13/00 5:14am

We are SO impressed by CDJ & Slink-e! SO cool. Can't wait to fully exploit all the possibilities!

Quick question:

We've managed to get the client/server aspects of CDJ working well (any one of our computers can now control the changers over the network) and would like to make a "suggestion" (read:begging) for your next version...

if there is someway you can make the active playlist a distributed/collaborative feature, the purpose being to have a central "jukebox-type" playlist controlled by several computers/users. We've setup the stereo in the middle of our place, and while we're working we can all control the changers individually, but we have to fight each other over control :)

Would be SO great if, like a jukebox in an old 50's diner, each "client" user could throw stuff into the playlist, and that playlist be actively dynamically visible to all users (so you can see what's next, etc.). haha, would even be cool to have veto/voting power (if 75% of users veto a song it goes to the bottom of the list). okay, maybe that's pushing it...

thanks for making such a great product!

--Gene doh@digitalbuilders.com

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