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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

JB930 MD recorder time out

Posted By: Scott Hart <scott@i...>
Date: 11/15/00 10:41am


I recently purchased a slink-e and set it up to work with a Sony CDP-CX350 300 disc changer. Everything was going according to plan, the CDJ software downloaded and set up nicely, all 300 discs in the changer were recognized, titles and tracks downloaded from CDDB, play list creation, editing and saving was pretty intuitive. I was just about to set up camp at the happy campers camp ground as I began to record my first play list to MD on my Sony JB930. After 3 tracks, the MD recorder stopped recording. I dug out the 930 manual and there are notes about smart space, auto space, track marking and so on. I tried every possible set up configuration and I still can't figure out what is causing the MD recorder to stop recording. I created several different play lists and I could not see a pattern. Some would only record the first track of the play list, while others would make it up to 4 tracks. If I manually program a play list into the CD changer, recording seems to go uninterrupted. I do have the CD changer and MD unit s-linked together. Any one have a similar experience and figure out the cause and solution?


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