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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: DVD 860 has S-link!

Posted By: Ian Cole <icole@t...>
Date: 11/26/00 10:12pm

In Response To: DVD 860 has S-link! (Reuben Herfindahl)

Control-S and Control-A1 are both considered "S-link"

I'm sure there are better experts that can comment, but here's what I know -

Control-A1 is the two-way protocol used by the CD-Changers and other audio equipment, Control-S is used by the video equipment.

Control-S does not provide the type of functionality needed to have closed-loop control of a device. My understanding is that Control-S is basically IR codes with no carrier signal. So, in other words, it can do what your remote can - 1 way operation.

I think I remember seeing that the first generation of the Sony DVD Changers also had Control-S.

The interesting question is why Sony doesn't put the Control-A1 ports on the DVD changers - My guess is that they don't see it as a feature since people are unlikely to group them together as with the CD-Changers (Master / Slave). Unfortunately, they don't seem to design these devices for us, or they would never have released a DVD-Changer without it.


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