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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Pioneer DV-F07 DVD/CD RS-232 with CDJ?

Posted By: larrydj <larry_desjardin@a...>
Date: 12/6/00 11:10am

Ian Cole just emailed some of us the RS-232 control instructions for the Pioneer DV-F07 DVD/CD megachanger. (Thanks, Ian!) From what I understand, there is not CDJ support of the Sony DVD megachangers due to their inability to send back the critical TOC (Table of Contents) data, and perhaps some other issues as well. TOC data is needed for CDJ to use CDDB to identify a disc. (My application of interest is to use the F07, controlled by CDJ, chiefly as a CD jukebox.)

However, looking at the document, it appears that there may be two paths to get the TOC data from the Pioneer DV-F07. The most straight-forward is the GET TOC DATA command. I don't know if it returns everything needed, but it looks promising. The second path may be to go to each track, and use the RETURN PLAYBACK TIME OF CURRENT TRACK command.

I'm not very knowledgeable on CDJ, since I have chosen to go the Pioneer DV-F07 route, and thus cannot currently use CDJ/slink-e. But, would it be possible to support the DV-F07?


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