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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

New CDJ Beta Version

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 12/7/00 12:49am


I've posted a beta version of CDJ on the site which has some improvemnts you might find useful:

* CDDB2 Support * Faster database loading

This version uses OLEDB instead of ADO to get improved performance. We've tested it here and it seems to work great. As with any beta release, and particularly this one because it has many changes to the library handling, I'd recommend you make a backup copy of your library before using it. Actually, it's good practice to do this every month or so anyway. In any case, I'd appreciate it if some you would give it a try and give us some feedback so that I can release it fairly soon.


12/6/00 Fixed problem with adding MP3s and deleting albums / tracks in the 12/4/00 version Changed the click-to-sort feature of the columns less sensitive to mouse movement Database access is now done with OLE DB to make it faster loading CDJ now uses CDDB2 for disc identification 12/4/00 Album cover retriever CDJ reads proper date / time locale Fix problem in DB save which can cause lyrics / notes to be duplicated into other discs / tracks Fixed highlight color problem in lists Added persistence to secondary sort columns 12/1/00 No lyrics lookup for blank titles Fix timing of cdjr:startup message Turn orphan LF's into CRLF's when downloading lyrics or notes Changed CDJ icon General preparations for CDDB2 support

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