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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

CDJ as open source

Posted By: Eugene Sadovoi <evgeni@e...>
Date: 12/11/00 11:10am

I realize this might be rather touchy subject since it is a property of Nirvis and so far they where good at maintaining this software but I would like to offer few thoughts on this:

a) CDJ is free so there is no loss of revenue involved.

b) By being Open Source we can be sure it will stay alive in case Nirvis decides to abandon this product (I’m not suggesting this will happened but…)

c) Integration with other hardware components (Nirvis can’t buy every peace of equipment in the world but we all can ;-)) d) Integration with other software components… e) Speed of development…

I may go on but these are the most important reasons.

I believe that everybody who start automating house or home theatre ask yourself the same question: “What should I go with?” Build my own controller or buy something? Use off the shelf software (CDJ for example) or write my own? I think that if this software would be Open Source a lot more people will be willing to use it alone with Slink-E. I personally own Slink-E controller but I’m reluctant to use it as main interface to AV equipment because I have no control over software. It is easier for me in the long run to put together RS-232<->Control-A interface of my own (I just did last weekend with PIC16) and be my own king. It would be totally different story if it where Open Source. $200 worth a lot less then time I’ve spent developing the box of my own and writing software. I can leave with Slink-E being black box as long as I have complete control over it.

Of course, it is entirely up to Nirvis to decide on this topic but I think if a lot of people will agree with me it may just happened :-)

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