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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: Changer output to FM Transmitter

Posted By: Gary Regez <glregez@b...>
Date: 12/11/00 7:10pm

In Response To: Re: Changer output to FM Transmitter (Scott Hart)

The first one I build was a ramsey Kit www.ramseykits.com 800-446-2295 this kit (FM25) had everything you need,(cases,powersupply,etc). It cost about $130. I see they now have a FM100 for 249.95 that is pretty neat. I had problems with a hum, it was coming from the power supply and I couldn't get rid of the hum so I give up and sold it. Ramsey has a nice catalog.

The second kit MPX96 came from a company named North Country Radio. www.northcountryradio.com The kit consisted of parts, ($75.00)I had to buy a case and a power supply and make it fit. I didn't have the hum problem with this kit but to be honest, I did a lot of research and the power supply (wall wart) was modified with filter caps and those powered metal things you put on the cord. Can't thing of what they call them at the moment. I like it. It has a high and low power option, don't know if the high is legal or not. I set it up with a switch.

Both set the frequency with dip switches, I use 89.1, nothing near it in my area north of chicago. The antennna is a dipole mounted on the roof with my TV antenna. The dipole lenghts are cut for 89.1 about 2.63' on each side. I set it up vertically with the ground side toward ground. I got all this from an old Ham book and the FM-25 book. The dipole is mounted in plastic pipe from a hardware store using pipe and fittings, all standard stuff and cheap.

In my car, I can get about 1/2 to 1 miles, portable radios a lot less.

Thats about it my email is glregez@bigfoot.com if you want to communicate directly on any questions.


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