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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: Controlling individual players

Posted By: Craig Shirley <craig@v...>
Date: 12/13/00 9:22am

In Response To: Re: Controlling individual players (Ron Wijkowski)


In regards to controlling CDJ with your Pronto - see the Slink-e online help "CDJ->Using Event Maps". Also read the comments in the file "maps.txt" in the CDJ directory. This will give you an explanation of how to play genres based on remote signals (of your choice) sent to the slinke (the example uses a Sony vcr3 ir set). Once you understand the genre example, you will be able to extrapolate the same idea to FF, Play, etc. There may be an easier way but this is how I learned the power of Event Mapping. Also check out "CDJ->Automation Interface" to see the commands available. I've also found it helpful to turn on the option to display the slinke data so that you know which command is executed when you push a GUI button. Your PC will have to be ON and CDJ running to use any of the Event Mapping capabilities..

I'm assumming that you know how to set your CD Players to CD1, CD2, CD3 so that you can uniquely address them with your remote when CDJ is turned off.



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