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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Date/Time Search Condition

Posted By: Jim Varrone <jvarrone@g...>
Date: 12/17/00 10:38am

I recently added a stack of CD's to my changers. Then I wanted to create a random playlist of just the new CD's I added. I noticed there was not a search condition by slot location. I could search by player number but not by slot. Then I discovered the "TimeAdded" search condition. However, I can't understand the usefulness of this command since it appears you have to not only supply the date added but also the EXACT time added as well. For example, I wanted to do a search of all disks I added on 12/16/2000. In the "Details" window of one of the newly added disks it correctly shows 12/16/00 (note the 2 digit year) for the "Date Added". But in the database it shows "12/16/2000 5:50:24 PM" (note the year in 4 digits and the time in hours/minutes/seconds). Unless I search for that EXACT string using the "TimeAdded" search word, I get nothing. For example, TimeAdded = "12/16/00" produces nothing. This makes the search condition rather impractical.

Would it be possible to include a "DateAdded" search condition in the next release that just looks at the MM/DD/YY? Or, modify the "TimeAdded" condition to ignore the time information and only look at the date (with a 2 or 4 digit year)?

BTW, the drag and drop covers, cover search, faster database loading and CDDB2 capabilities are awesome!

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