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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Laserdisc not responding

Posted By: Joe Hollowood <jholly@p...>
Date: 12/17/00 8:43pm

Hopefully someone can see what I'm doing wrong here.

I have the Control-S port on my Slink-e going to the Control-S in on my TV. The Control-S out on my TV is split into two ports: one goes to my DVD player and the other is split again with one port going to my VCR and the other going to my laserdisc player.

The issue I have is this: Control-S codes work fine to the TV, DVD player and VCR. However, the laserdisc doesn't respond to any codes. I'm using the ld.cde file with commands going to IR7/Control-S. I tried modifying the ld.cde file to include sonycs.cde, but I get the same results. I know the laserdisc works because I can use my remote control (pointed at the TV) to control it. That would also imply that the S-Link connection is functional.

Any assistance is appreciated.


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