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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: Help! Christmas Present of Slink-e not working

Posted By: Hal Mounce <hal@m...>
Date: 12/26/00 11:48pm

In Response To: Help! Christmas Present of Slink-e not working (mcody)

I had the same trouble and just got mine to work. I had a few snags:

1) A PCMCIA modem card had glommed on to my COM1 port settings. I shook it loose by prying the card out, twiddling around with a SYSTEM icon in the control panels folder, and rebooting.

(Pardon the loose description. I am not PC literate.)

2) I noticed that the CDJ installer was trying to add some extra stuff up front. It occurred to me that Windows might need to be restarted for the extra stuff to take. I cleaned things up by deinstalling CDJ with a deinstall tool I found through the gear thingie on the Windows START menu.

3) I re-installed CDJ, ran SlinkeServ who reported a Slink-e on COM1 (so I knew my port was cool), restarted Windows and launched CDJ. Everything is copacetic now. I've still gotta slap the modem around, but the CDK app is just fine.

On my way to nirvana, I downloaded and installed the 6/26 version of CDJ. I coughed up a slightly more interesting error message at about the same spot. I recalled the new 12/whatever release was installing something up front, and that's how I figured I needed to reboot before I launched CDJ.

A lot of this stuff is like fixing a toilet. You just gotta jiggle things a bit.


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