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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: slinkx and discs 201-400

Posted By: Bill A <badbilly@c...>
Date: 12/30/00 4:38am

In Response To: Re: slinkx and discs 201-400 (Patick Jeski)


I figured it out after you mentioned using multiple devices

when my app starts, I add 3 devices:

' 1st device for cds 1-200

x = Slinkx.AddDevice("cds1", "D:\Program Files\Nirvis\Device Files\Sony\cdsls.cde", 1, 1, 1)

' 2nd device for cds 201-400 (note its on ID number 4!)

x = Slinkx.AddDevice("cds4", "D:\Program Files\Nirvis\Device Files\Sony\cdsls.cde", 4, 1, 1)

' 3rd device to receive messages

x = Slinkx.AddDevice("cdr1", "D:\Program Files\Nirvis\Device Files\Sony\cdslr.cde", 1, 1, 1)

Then to play a cd, I use this routine

Private Sub playCD(ByVal cdNum As Integer, Optional ByVal trackNum As Integer)

Dim playString As String

Dim sRes As Long

If trackNum = 0 Then

trackNum = 1

End If

playString = "play_dt["

If cdNum <= 200 Then

If cdNum <= 100 Then

playString = playString + Right("0" + Trim(Str(cdNum)), 2) + Right("0" + Trim(Str(trackNum)), 2) + "]"


playString = playString + Right("0" + Trim(Hex(cdNum + 54)), 2) + Right("0" + Trim(Str(trackNum)), 2) + "]"

End If

sRes = Slinkx.Send("cds1", playString)


cdNum = cdNum - 200

playString = playString + Right("0" + Trim(Hex(cdNum)), 2) + Right("0" + Trim(Str(trackNum)), 2) + "]"

sRes = Slinkx.Send("cds4", playString)

End If End Sub

I don't quite understand why I have to have a second device on ID 4 (which annoys me because I like to understand my own code!) but it seems to work.

Also, it seems strange that cds 1-100 need to be passed in decimal (even though 100 is '00') and then everything else needs to be in hex. I would have thought that to be consistantly strange cds 201-300 would have been in decimal!!!

As to your question about my app, I have a couple of ideas, but my first aim is to write a CD player that uses Microsoft's Speech SDK to voice activate the playing of tracks (it seems to work ok with a few CD's, but I have a feeling it will not be able to cope when I have voice commands for hundreds of cd's!)


(Sorry about the strange formatting on the code, but this just happened when I pasted it in)

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