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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: Transferring memo text

Posted By: William Gonzales <willgonz@h...>
Date: 12/30/00 11:21am

In Response To: Re: Transferring memo text (Phil Page)

Well I didn't append through CDJ. First I let CDJ Transfer the text to the CD player (Sony CDP-CX450). That gives me a title with only 13 letters. Next I go to the disc (that I want to change) on the CD player then press menu (on the CD player) then it says NAME IN? on the display then I use a keyboard that's hooked up to the CD player and I add on the rest of the text.

Now, I am not saying this is the fix or a work around. I was stating the fact that only 13 letters get transfered, when you can have 20 total. And that the artist info doesn't get transfered either.

If the programmer of CDJ didn't put transfering of all 20 letters into the program because some players can't that much text, then he could put in a option or registry setting saying, this player can handle ?? letters. I looked through the registry to see if the program had such a value, I had no luck.

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