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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

A new little app Ver. 2

Posted By: William Gonzales <willgonz@h...>
Date: 1/2/01 2:38pm

Ok I have decided to add new features to the app before sending it out. Here are the new features. Shows Album cover, Disc name, Disc artist, Disc playing time, Track name, track number, Track playing time, Track Artist. There will be two versions. One is a server version which will run on the fly and do searches etc. The other version is a ISP version. So you can post your CD collection on a webpage like Geocities or Aol, whatever. This one will not have a search engine. This one will not be on the fly. You will have to update it as your collection builds. Both versions will include lyrics later in another release. The server version will allow someone to either fully control your CD-player over the web, or you can set it where they can control your playlist and have you hear the songs they want you to hear. An upcoming version will allow people to convert songs from your collection to mp3 or just an intro to a song to mp3. If you put this feature on your web page, I wouldn't tell everyone about it, or else you might get into trouble. Also take note, the songs will rip only at 1x speed.

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