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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: Transferring memo text

Posted By: Ray Youstra <ryoustra@r...>
Date: 1/3/01 11:55am

In Response To: Re: Transferring memo text (Ted Smith)

Back to my original post on this thread (especially since Colby jumped in :-) there are two issues:

(1) Can you get more than 13 characters into the jukeboxes that support it, which is what Ted has been experimenting with, and

(2) Can you have a different string be used for the memo text than the album name? (is the memo field in the database unused, or is it intended to be used for this?) Again, it'd be nice to preserve the artist name and the title as separate fields within CDJ as intended, but to have the memo field show something more than, say, "Greatest Hits".

Regardless of the outcome of (1), I'd think (2) would be relatively straightforward to implement and a desirable feature for those whose CD jukeboxes often cryptically display titles like "The Best of C". And useful for spousal acceptance :-)

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