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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

New user of Slink-e needs help

Posted By: Bob Prondzinski <bobprond@a...>
Date: 1/8/01 3:59pm

Hi All,

I just purchased the SLink to control my CD's and think its great. In the documentation it indicated that one could write software in VD or Access to control and interrogate the CD players. I know some VB and write a lot of user applications Access using event procedures written in VB. I have never attempted to Control hardware however. I can usually pick things up by example and was wondering of anybody could send me some examples so I can see how the code works.

I would like to write an application where I can select one of the CD Players that is connected to the Slink, enter a slot number, and then have the application display what is "Selected" or "Deleted" for the various tracks on the CD Players Disc DELETE File. I would then like the ability to change the Delete File directly.

If anyone could help me just get started, I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks for listening, Bob

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