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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Pre-buy q's re: 200/450 & wireless PC keyboard

Posted By: JP Hansen <jp@h...>
Date: 1/9/01 1:08am

Hi All,

Having just discovered the existence of the slink-e / CDJ, I'm hanging out for my next payday so I can make a purchase (hopefully CAS in Aussie will accept New Zealand orders...). At last the old CX200 will get some *real* use!

Anyway, I'm after a little advice before I buy, if any of you have the time.

I currently own a CDP-CX200. Once I purchase the slink-e I'll probably look to buy a CDP-CX450 to connect up to the system.

Q1. Are there any conflicts / problems chaining the old CX200 and the new CX450?

Also I don't know if they're still around, but seeing all control will be done using CDJ, is there any advantage in getting a CX450 over a CX400? I'd expect the 400's to be somewhat cheaper than the 450's, if you can still find them!

Q2. Also, do any of you have the PC in a different room to your stereo system. If so, what's your control system like? I don't want to have to go back & forth between the lounge & spare room every time I want to change something in a playlist (or whatever).

I'm thinking it may be possible to get a new Graphics card for my PC (it sorely needs one anyway) which allows for dual output - so I can send the CDJ window to be displayed on the TV in the lounge. Now I need to be able to control what I see on the TV from the lounge. I suppose it's too crazy to expect the slink-e to accept input from the IR signals from a cordless mouse / keyboard & have the PC understand them? Oh, and the GFX card would need to be reasonable for games too - so some sort of "all in one card" would be best. This may also encourage me to watch DVDs using the PC, with output & control on the TV in the lounge, as I simply can't bear watching them on the PC monitor.

Failing keyboard / mouse input via the IR on the slink-e I guess I could get a regular logitech cordless mouse & keyboard and get extensions for their signal boxes -so the boxes can be put in the lounge discreetly- and run the leads (beneath the floorboards) into the back of the PC in the next room.

Any comments greatly appreciated, Regards JP

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