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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: WEB Front end to CDJ

Posted By: Ian Cole <icole@t...>
Date: 1/11/01 6:56pm

In Response To: WEB Front end to CDJ (Bill D'Innocenzo)

The challenge is that to get any information that CDJ provides, you must monitor an event stream. For example, to get the current track info, you must wait for the playing_item command. You can send a request, then wait for the response, but this would create very slow response times for the web page.

In order to write an ASP application to control CDJ, I assed information persistence to the Slink-e Socket Server that is part of HASE. Now, you can make a method call to HASE and request information on the currently playing item and some other CDJ information (size of playlist, etc).

This way, the ASP page or other application can execute a single command, that returns the appropriate value and immediate present the page to the client.

I have also added CDJ database commands so that the tracks of an album can be returned, or a list of albums and their cover filename, etc.

Today, I have a working app that shows all my covers sorted by either artist or album name. You can select a particular album and see the info (and cover) for that album including a list of tracks. There is another page that shows the currently playing album (and cover) with info including the current timecode.

It relies on the BETA3 code of HASE which should be available in the next few weeks, and I will post the ASP source code.


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