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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Program for Pioneer DV-F07 CDDB access

Posted By: Dan <di45@p...>
Date: 1/16/01 6:54pm

Hi All those interested in the Pioneer DV-F07. After much consideration, I bought one a few weeks ago. I love it. It's a great unit, and the internal disc management is really not too, too bad considering. Anyway, I wrote a JAVA program for it that goes through all 300 discs, gets the disc data, accesses the Internet CD database, downloads the data (artist, disc title, track titles, times, etc) to a MS Access database and delimited text file, then uploads the artist name and disc title to the Pioneer's internal memory. It only does this for audio CDs. Any DVDs that it finds it just skips. The program is also a simple controller for the Pioneer (play, next disc, previous disc, stop, tracks, etc) and also displays the Pioneer's current disc data on your computer. I do this all via the Pioneer's serial port and have it working w/o a problem through about 100 feet of Cat 5 cable. I haven't set it up for playlists or anything like that, but I'll do that next. I don't have a Slink-e or CDJ and was wondering if anyone knows whether it would be possible to interface this Pioneer to a Slink-e/CDJ?

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