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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

CDJ output on TV / CDJ Modification

Posted By: Andre Laurendeau <Andrel@p...>
Date: 1/18/1999 9:12a.m.

In Response To: New CDJ Version (Colby Boles)

The new features (saving of window positions, configurable toolbars etc.) are great ! Keep up the good work Colby !

I have a request : could you change the shortcut for "Shuffle" on the Playlist menu ? It is "S", the same as STOP. That prevent me to automate some functions, as explained in the next paragraphs.

I set up CDJ on an old Thinkpad notebook (486/33 - painfully slow) and I put the output on my TV screen using BIG PICTURE from X-10. Anyone willing to do this should look at that package. It includes:

- A VGA to NTSC converter (good quality at 640x480)
- A video/audio 2400Gz RF transmitter / receiver kit (enabling you to have your computer in another room)
- A RF multi function mouse and TV/CD/VCR remote

The remote can be programmed to send keystrokes to the PC, enabling you to control CDJ with standard VCR keys (PLAY for Play playlist, STOP for stopping it etc.)

All of this on sale for only 99$ !!!

I am not related in any ways to X-10, and it'S my first experience with their products. Just a happy customer.


X10 site

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