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Re: The Ultimate Remote Control

Posted By: Brooks Talley <brooks_talley@i...>
Date: 1/28/1999 3:20p.m.

In Response To: The Ultimate Remote Control (Steve Cato)

I worked with an earlier product much like this, the CruisePad from Cruise Technologies (www.cruisetech.com). The same product was OEMed by Wyse, and a few other companies I don't recall. Unlike the Webpad, it was simply a Citrix client, not a full-fledged Win9x machine. Last I checked, the black and white version was selling for about $700.

It was cool, and made for an excellent remote control (though CDJ was in its infancy, it did support the vol+, vol-, and mute buttons at the time).

Only problem was battery life: about 3 hours of use, or about a day of sitting around. Invariably, I'd use it one night, then forget to plug it in. The next night... dead, and I ended up tethered to the power supply again.

If they could just get palm-pilot like life out of them (I'd happily pay another $200 for a huge li-ion battery), I'd say this is indeed the ultimate remote control.

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