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CDJ suggestion

Posted By: Andre Laurendeau <andrel@p...>
Date: 2/8/1999 1:08p.m.


Before using CDJ, I was using the "CD-Sleves catalog" as my main way to look at my CD collection. In fact, this was quite interresting for visitors who just had to look at the catalog to see what I had.

With CDJ, I though there will be no need for such a catalog, as we can browse using the arrows key on my notebook. I was wrong. It seems that looking at the sleeves one by one is not good enough.

Could you create a "browse" mode where we would see, let's say, 3X2 sleeves at a time, and would be able to select a CD just by clicking on it ?

I see it like this : I click a button on the button bar, then a full screen of sleeves appears, starting where the cursor is presently in the Library window. I can browse from there using a simple "next/previous page" button. If I click on one sleve, it returns me to the standard screen,with this cd selected in the Library window. Simple, but effective way to browse my CDs.

Keep up the good work !


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