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Re: Automation Interface

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 2/16/1999 10:07p.m.

In Response To: Automation Interface (Rich Trimble)

I was a bit surprised by the method you choose for implementing the 'Automation Interface'. I was expecting it to be based off a unique device file which could have IR codes associated with it for purposes of invoking the comands through a remote. This is certainly more limited than what you've implemented, but has the advantage of not requiring another application to be developed. I would suppose one could build the 'Automation Application' to recognize the IR and output the appropriate CDJ AI commands, but it seems like a lot of duplication of effort given that the current functionality exists (in part) in CDJ already. Do you have any plans to take the AI this way or is it up to others to develope it?

This is a work in two parts. First I have built the structure to automate CDJ using device type commands which can originate from either inside CDJ or from other programs. I will be adding a mapping functionality inside CDJ (probably importable from a file for easy editing) which will allow you to map any incoming device event (e.g. an IR button press) to any number of resulting device commands (e.g. other IR / S-Link commands, or CDJ commands). This will give you the functionality you want without having to write a seperate program. I'm not planning on writing a general purpose scripting language with conditionals, variables, and the like. If you want that, you can easily write your own application in something like Visual Basic.


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