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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

MP3's and CDJ

Posted By: Nathan Sharp <sharp@p...>
Date: 2/22/1999 5:43a.m.

I recently tried to post this to the mailing list but am not sure that it made it through. I am reposting here as it is the prefered discussion method anyhow.

It is a real treat to have something as nice as CDJ be able to include our MP3s in the library. However, there still are some problems:

1) I too have noticed that the last .5 - 1 sec gets cut off. It is not an MP3 thing because my MP3s play fine to the end in Winamp.

2) Along a second note. I always record my MP3s in 256kb/s because the higher quality is noticeable with a good stereo. However, CDJ reports these files as having enormously long playing times (on the order of 1K to 2K minutes).

3) I would resubmit the request to be able to group the MP3s into albums. It would make the library list a _lot_ cleaner.

4) From time to time CDJ will start playing both a normal CD from our player and an MP3 at the same time. While this "Feature" can have rather cool effects(we almost like it), I figured I aught to mention it. I can try and get a log file, but it doesn't happen with much frequency.

5) From time to time CDJ will just hang trying to play an MP3. I actually suspect that something funny is happening with our sound card drivers. I just figured I'd mention it to see if anyone else was having the problem. BTW, along these lines. It would help, Colby, if you were to release and reopen the sound card each time you want to play a new MP3. I believe right now if CDJ is running, it has control over the card.

6) As of yet I have not noticed any event for an MP3 playing (you have events for each CD player that might be playing). While we don't use this functionality yet, I could see a need to be able to switch a mixer or something for when the MP3 is playing. Just a suggestion.

My computer is a low end Pentium running Windows 95. We have an older Slinke(before the bios upgrade). We have an Event Gina for our sound card. I am one version behind in the CDJ.

Finally, I just wanted to say thanks to Colby for getting such a cool product together. We'd be lost without it anymore!


At 03:32 PM 2/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>When I play MP3s in CDJ, the last .5-1 second of the song is cut out. I
>can't figure out if it's a problem with the MP3s that I have or with CDJ.
>Is anyone else having the same problem? Colby, have you heard of this
>p.s. No, I haven't tried playing my MP3s under WinAmp yet.

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