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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Maping events to received IR signals

Posted By: Jim Varrone <jvarrone@g...>
Date: 2/28/1999 11:02a.m.

The current documentation says that you can use event mapping "Using a remote control to select and control playlists within CDJ". However, when I looked at the EZ-Learn documentation, it says that currently EZ-Learn is limited to generating "IR Transmit" files only. Not for IR signal recognization.

1) Can CDJ (currently) respond to a received IR command and start a playlist? If so, how do I do it?

2) Are you planning on adding the capability to not only start a Playlist upon receipt of an IR signal but also allow control of individual players and disks? (E.G.: Play disk 101 on player 2).

3) For integration with my homeautomation system and to insure a more accurate recognition of received IR signals, is there a way to modify Slink-2 to accept a hardwired IR input (from a Xantech connecting block)?

BTW - the new additions and fixes to CDJ to support the Sony 90ES players are great! Awesome achivement.

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