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Re: New CDJ Version

Posted By: Nathan Sharp <sharp@p...>
Date: 3/1/1999 7:09a.m.

In Response To: New CDJ Version (Colby Boles)

I spent a day this weekend trying out the new version and it is excellent! Thanks so much for the new features as they add a whole new level of capabilities for us.

A couple of comments:
1) I just used the existing remote control for our sony changer to control CDJ. Just set the switch at the top to control CD2 (or whatever is free in your house). Even though CDJ already loads the device file( cdir.cde ) and will recognize cdir01, you will have to explicitly add the device for cdir02. When you do this it will give you an error about the device already being open but it will never give it to you again.

2) One of the features I added was the ability to load a pre-existing playlist on the press of a button. It then shuffles the list and sets it up to start playing. Unfortunately when you shuffle a list it puts the cursor in the middle of the playlist. There was no command for setting the cursor back to the top. To work around this I saved the shuffled list to /temp and then reloaded it, thereby putting the cursor at the top. A command like playlist_select[1] would be much better.

3) When installing the newest version it complained that comctl32.dll was an older version(<4.72). I checked my file and sure enough it is v4.70. However, installing sysUpdate made no difference. I just ignored the error and the program runs fine(so far). I would like to get a newer version of the file though. I will go look at Microsoft's site but it should be included in sysUpdate in the future.

Nathan Sharp

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