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FYI - Looking up discs on another computer

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 3/4/1999 11:22a.m.

I answered this question on the list server - I thought it might have some general interest.

>I'm still waiting for my Sony 220 changer, but I will have this problem
>with regard to querying CDDB, etc. I don't have an internet connection on
>my machine at home, but I do at work. Is there a way to package up all
>the requests, bring it to work, get the replies, and bring the home? I
>suppose I could set up my stuff at a friends house to get the CDDB info.
>Perhaps this problem is already solved. As I said I don't have my
>complete setup yet.

Yes, this is pretty easy.

When you do the disc search, check the box labeled "queue discs for later
lookup" before you start. CDJ will gather the disc information, but not go
to CDDB. The discs will be given a temporary title "*** Queued ...". Save
that library file and take it to another computer with internet
connectivity. Load the library into CDJ and hit the search for discs button
again. This time hit the "lookup queued" button. CDJ will look up the
queued discs in CDDB. Save the lib and bring it back to the other computer.


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