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Re: New CDJ Version

Posted By: Nathan Sharp <sharp@p...>
Date: 3/5/1999 5:59a.m.

In Response To: Re: New CDJ Version (Colby Boles)

>I used to include the MS issued commctl32 update program in my install, but
>it was causing problems with some people, so I had to pull it.
> Colby

Speaking of which, I actually went to Microsoft's site and downloaded the update. Upon installing it CDJ would no longer come up. Fortunately I had saved the old .DLL and could drop to DOS mode and put it back. It seems like maybe you should take the check out of your installer that requires 4.72. Or really you should figure out why it locks up with the newer version. Is there any way I can help debug this? The log file may not be of use because I think the program may not have gotten there yet.
Actually, the program locks up with some regularity still while booting. So far it always says that it is initializing automation and the screen is still half undrawn. I have to kill it and start it again.


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