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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: Remote controlling the Slink-e

Posted By: Dave Thomas <thomasdr@u...>
Date: 3/14/1999 11:42a.m.

In Response To: Re: Remote controlling the Slink-e (Colby Boles)

No, the Kenwood device file does not have repeats.

The Kenwood is supposed to change 1 db every time a vol+ or vol- command is
sent to it, or, if you hold the button down, it will ratchet up or down until
you release the button.

The shortest tap on the Sony remote generates at least three commands.
So even a short tap on the Sony remote caused a 3 db change in the receiver volume.

I changed my msghandler function to issue only one Kenwood command for every three Sony TV vol commands. This allowed receiver volume control to one db, but I still had the "coasting" problem.

Next I tried to make sure that after each received command, an output was sent before checking for more input:

1) receive message (with timeout set short)

2) if it is a message to be forwarded, send it before processing more input

3) purge the receive buffer (it may now be full of repeated commands)

4) receive messages again (to see if user still has key depressed)

I used (sd->GetSlinke(0))->ClearReceiveBuffer(); to purge the receive buffer.

This got me a little closer to what I wanted. It eliminated the coasting,
but, unfortunately, I still have to release the key and repress it to get
continuous volume control. This probably happens because the code matching algo is looking for the start code. Since the command is just repeating, the start code is never found.

I suppose I could define another device file that does not specify a start code for recognizing the repeated codes. I think there must be a better way...

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