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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: CDDB starting to look less attractive...

Posted By: Richard Trimble <rjt4re@a...>
Date: 3/16/1999 3:58p.m.

Certainly the CDDB is not everything it could be, but it's certainly a long way from pounding in info on a keyboard! I think the key note is that the guys who created the site and operated it were in fact doing it for free. They didn't have the resources to devote to the tremendous amount of overhead it would take to groom it to perfection. Personally, I prefer free to perfect with $'s attached.

In regard to only Slink-e (CDJ)users being given access, one must realize that if that were done the Database would stall!!! CDJ DOES NOT submit updates or new content. Without all the other software that does do submissions the CDDB would be worthless in no time! I've submitted a large number of updates through another piece of software, CDValet, only to have them found by CDJ in a couple of days (and of course benefit the general user community). (This is not a knock on the CDJ software, just an important point to be noted.)

I think that Colby's position of locking into the CDDB for the near term and waiting to see where it goes was a wise one. If in fact Escient takes it in an unfavorable direction, I'm sure someone will leap at the opportunity to fill the void.

But then that's just my opinion :)

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