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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Stop or Pause during Playlist ffwd

Posted By: Jeff Gilbertson <jeffgilb@m...>
Date: 3/19/1999 4:49p.m.

I hope things are going well for you, Colby!

Now that you've *just* released another version, I thought I'd report what I believe to be a bug (not new, but still exists). Often I try advancing to the next track in my playlist and then immediately pause or stop (from CDJ) so the CD player can setup while I take a wiz-quiz or whatever, but I don't want it to start playing until I get back. The problem is, it does! And then CDJ gets all confused cause its icon is at stop or pause but the player is still playing.

I'm using a single CDP-CX200 changer.

Also I was wondering what thought you've given to how CDJ responds from externally generated CD player events. For instance, if I'm playing a playlist and press stop or pause on the CD player, could CDJ mirror that in the playlist? And if I hit play could CDJ resume where it left off? I figure most if not all of this can't be done through mapped events since CDJ needs to generate alot of these itself.

Right now if "mess with it" any other way (change disk or track), CDJ moves to the next track in the playlist. Would it make more sense for CDJ to "give up control"? Just a thought.

Thanks again for the great product,


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