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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: Device files for transmit only.

Posted By: Dave Thomas <thomasdr@u...>
Date: 3/22/1999 7:52a.m.

In Response To: Re: Device files for transmit only. (Colby Boles)

How about a keyword in the device file that designates transmit, or receive?

You could use the IRTXONLY keyword, but recognize the code:command syntax of the SLINK and IR files. Or you could invent new keywords to add to the device file
that tell the Slinke PC code to only decode (RCVONLY) or transmit only (TXONLY).
If the keyword is ommited from the file, transmit and receive would be assumed
(for backwards compatibility).

The motivation is to reduce the number of device files to be searched for decoding incoming commands. This might also help minimize the delay between received IR and command decoding (although I'm not sure this is really a problem).

For example, I associate many device files to channel 0 for the purpose of IR blasting and control of lots of different audio/video equipment. I want to receive (and decode) only one device on the input IR channel, however. By associating device files for transmit only, the PC resource required to decode incoming IR can be greatly reduced.


Dave Thomas

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